A frisky & noisy spring

The beginning of spring differs for most folks. They rely on hearing the first songbirds, the blooming of their crocuses or daffodils, the warming temperature, wearing of flip-flops, & the flying insects. Before any of the usual signs happen, our homestead has its own tale-tells:

  1. Scooby, our experienced buck, is busy swooning the does & warning the yearling bucks that the ladies are his. The incessant "buck buck buck buck buck" banter between the bucks is heard throughout the barnyard both night & day. Did you know that bucks pee on their beards to attract a doe? Yeah, during this time you really do not want to have a buck rub up against you because that stench stays on your hands & clothes for quite some time. The young bucks born just this winter are already doing their own little dance with their "what what what what". I am certain they are saying "what what what what is this thing called hormones happening to me"?

  2. Wadsworth, our young boar hog, has been "feeling his oats" for a few months already with our 2 barrows (castrated males). Now that spring has all the boys talking, Wadsworth only has squeals for our young gilt, Hera. Hera seems quite adamant that Wadsworth not come near & doesn't give him the time of day. It is possible he has already stuck her when we weren't looking. Actually, now that I look at the calendar, there was once we might have seen him stick it to her, so piglets may arrive 3 months, 3 weeks, & 3 days from that day. Young Wadsworth still has a lot of pent-up tension. I'm careful to not turn my back on him.

  3. The 2 roosters... well, not much has changed there. They each have a large harem of hens that they don't let wander too far from their sight. Yes, it is possible to have 2 roosters without them fighting to the death for dominance. No, they have never chased after us or Kaycee.

  4. Oh my poor, poor bully bull, Ferd. He is in desperate need of a girlfriend! We knew last summer that when he tried mounting my jacket that I had hung on a fence post, we should begin looking for a heifer. Instead of a heifer, along came young steer Jeff. Jeff was good company for Ferd & helped keep Ferd's bullish tendencies at bay. Then spring happened. Ferd is seeking companionship in Fritts, our gelding. A horse of course, Fritts wants nothing to do with Ferd's advances and will shoo him away. Ferd has what I would call a little purr when he tries to sweet talk Fritts. Why Fritts, and not Jeff you ask? Maybe because Jeff is smaller & Ferd just likes 'em taller? Let's just say Ferd is probably the most frustrated of all the male species on the homestead.

Chief & Scout are beside themselves. They look at me quizzically as if saying "why has our entire herd gone crazy?" Their pleading eyes seem to demand me to "shut everyone up, the livestock is too noisy, they might wake the neighbors!"

'Til next time folks!

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