Bibs aren't just for babies

Both Scott & I remember our grandfathers' striped bibs. It's no wonder the grandfathers before us wore their trusty overalls when they worked the farms. Were they grandpa's idea? Or was it grandma's idea to make him wear them as she got tired of trying to scrub the grease stains on her washboard?

Scott bought his first pair of bibs in the summer of 2020 & quickly learned why they were a farmer's staple & thought he was old enough to pull off the look now. He already loved wearing them after the first wear. One things for certain, it doesn't seem he's had the usual back spasms since he isn't wearing jeans & a belt cutting him at the waist. He does, however, have occasional shoulder strain from the weight of the bibs pulling the straps down over his shoulders. Scott likes them for their handy dandy built-in tool belt (hammer loop & pockets), comfort, & coolness. Not as a cool factor "hey, look there at that good lookin' dude in his cool duds". But as cool factor "hey, these bibs sure are cool on a hot summer day". Scott has promised he won't be wearing his bibs to town. So if you see him out & about, please advise me straight away as I will burn them.

After poking fun about looking like grandpa in his bibs, Scott talked me into getting my own pair a few months later just in time for winter. I found it real handy slipping them on over my comfy lounge clothes for an instant double layer in the frigid cold. They have been surprisingly cool & comfy this summer, too. Let me tell you, the fellas weren't wrong about the comfort of this article of clothing! Ladies, if you think dresses with pockets are awesome... bibs have soooo many pockets. I can have horse treats in one, dog treats in another, there's a phone pocket, a pocketknife pocket, a lipstick pocket too if I wore any, just to name a few. It's like wearing a very large purse!

As you can see in my photo, bibs do nothing for a curvy girl's figure. But that is okay, as I won't be seen wearing them off the farm. If you see me on the tractor, promise to keep your eyes on the road, okay? I have to remember that if I think I might have to pee, I shouldn't wait until last minute because they aren't convenient for the womenfolk. I'm thinking I need to make a prototype for a snap crotch in them.

Bibs have saved us money too. Over the years, we could've bought the Wrangler company 10 times over. I can't even begin to imagine how many oil & grease stained jeans & shirts we've had to replace. I hope grandma knew about Lestoil because it has made laundering stains so much easier.

'Til next time folks!

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