I don't know about you, but it felt a bit cold today. By the time I remembered to take a screen shot of the temp during this morning's chores, the sun had been shining for about an hour & I'm certain it had already warmed up a few degrees. We bundled up 2 layers of insulated under wear, 2 pair of socks, hooded sweatshirts, 2 pair of gloves, Carhartt bibs & jackets, Elmer Fudd hats, and scarves. With the sun shining, though, it felt like springtime. Even the birds were singing. It certainly didn't feel like -2 degrees!

Of the photos taken today, Fritts was the most photogenic with his frozen beard. After Scott had added hot water to the pigs' feed for slop, the dogs & a few goats had their noses through the pig fence as if asking, "hey there, hear you got some hot grub, can we join ya?" I'm by no means a girly girl, all pink & sparkly but I was feeling girly girl distracted by the pretty, sparkling fresh snow. We had some drifting snow along the west fence that buried the fence in places 6-8" that had to be cleared away.

We bundled up the same for afternoon chores. It was 6 degrees warmer; however, it felt colder so much colder. The sun wasn't shining. You could tell the humidity was up because the air just felt wet. Our steps were hurried. I think the critters were fed & tucked away in record time today. This was not one of those enjoyable afternoons on the homestead. So thankful for leftover veggie soup to warm us back up.

When we moved from South Dakota back to the homestead, it was humorous to us when people commented about how cold South Dakota must be. We quickly learned in our first winter, that Scott & I handled the SoDak temps better than we do here in the Midwest. Believe it or not, SoDak doesn't feel as cold! SoDak's 20 below felt as cold as the Midwest 20 above. Apparently, the difference is humidity. I can't imagine our ancestors living comfortably in either location at these temperatures. Surely they accomplished their daily tasks with frequent frostbite. I try my best not to complain about the cold that we endure.

Kaycee made my morning when she led me to the hayfield, making me promise to keep my eyes closed each step of the way. When we got there, she had me open my eyes and said, "here mom, perfection, just for you." Acres & acres of a freshly, untouched blanket of snow. Yes! Made my heart so happy that she is finally realizing the beauty around us.

'Til next time folks! Be sure to soak in the beauty around you, even on the coldest day.

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