Is love in the air? Ferd gets a girlfriend!

You must first read the March 30 blog titled "Meet Ferd... & Jeff" which includes Ferd's single's ad listing. This is how the response to Ferd's ad might have read:

To Frustrated Bull: I am the heifer you desire. As you will see from my photo, I am cute, a bit voluptous, have good hips, & certain we can produce beautiful babies. I, too, am part highland. I am eager to take pasture walks with you, eating homegrown hay, & furthering expend your owners' finances. I will be a bit anxious & shy at first but will quickly warm up to your surroundings. I'm sorry to say that I cannot hold a comb to groom you but would love the opportunity to show you my affections. Signed: Save Heifer from Freezer Camp

How did this little heifer really come to the homestead? Well, word gets around quick in small communities. A neighbor friend called asking Scott to help her with some field work. That conversation then lead to hay, cows, & then our search for a heifer or cow for Ferd. Minutes later, Scott gets a call from that neighbor's nephew who was our high school classmate. Dean has connections & knew of a highland heifer for sale. As we often do, we had pretty much decided she would be ours before we even saw pictures. I have been so excited for days! I wonder if Grandma Mae was ever this excited for Jack to bring a new critter to her homestead?

Although I had been telling Ferd for several days that his girlfriend's arrival was eminent, I didn't say a word about it during today's chores. When she was trailered into the barn lot on this late season snowfall day, Ferd was already bellowing bullishly. Darn it, I hoped to surprise him today! I never knew a bull could sense a heifer before even seeing her. Yippee, she came to us ready to copulate! I'm hoping they take to each other quickly. We'll find out in 283 days or more (which is a cow's gestation period).

When we opened the trailer door, out she bolted into the barn lot. I don't think I have ever seen Ferd run so quickly (or run at all) around the barn. Fritts and Jeff were close behind to see what brought about all this commotion. The dogs (who I had put in their pen to stay out of the way) barked like crazy at the new stranger danger. The slumbering pigs paid no attention as they didn't move from their hay pile. The goats stayed in the security of their barn wondering why the heck are they bringing in another critter to feed.

It took hardly any time at all for Scott to come up with her name. From this day forward, she shall be dubbed "Freida".

'Til next time folks!

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