Soooo-ey! Here pig, pig, pig

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

Scott comes from a long line of hog producers. The barns on our homestead were specifically built by his grandfathers with hog production in mind. His great grandfather Bryan was known across the Country for his Durocs and was even featured in the Duroc News in 1951 (article below). I have learned that he even sold hogs across the pond. Grandpa Joe and Scott's dad carried on with hog production for several years more. All 5 of Scott's uncles represented the Jacksons' Durocs at the county and state 4H fairs. Scott and his sister Lisa also showed hogs in 4H. Our homestead had been void of swine for quite some time.

We recently learned that our local 4H Director's father knew the Jackson Duroc breeding program well and likes to reminisce about those days. We have heard 4H club members saying "oh, I read about the Bryan Jackson Durocs, and you're related to him?" If you have heard stories of the Jackson Durocs, please shoot us an email. We would love to read them and share with Kaycee so that she can pass the stories down to her children.

Scott remembers stories of g'pa Bryan going to the sale barns. Buyers knew that If Bryan Jackson began to bid on a hog, they knew it must've been a good'un so they would begin bidding too. Sometimes g'pa wouldn't have much interest in a hog, but would start the bidding then drop out just to watch how high the bidding would go. Stories like that bring fond memories of my own father when we would go to auctions, albeit they were mostly estate auctions and not livestock. Dad would get so ticked at fellas like that Bryan Jackson.

For as long as our 32 year marriage, Scott has pined to have hogs on the homestead again. I have had absolutely no desire for them and was able to hold him off. Until last summer, when I finally relented. It didn't take me long to fall in love with our pigs. I wish we had brought hogs back to the homestead while the grandfathers were still alive. I think they would have been tickled that we were carrying on. The Jackson breeding program may have been on hiatus for about 30 years, but it hasn't skipped a generation yet. I will blog about the direction of our hog breeding program in the months to come.

'Til next time folks!

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