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Updated: Jun 13, 2021

How the heck you doing? As some of you may already know, I am Tia. In 1988, I married Scott and 20 years later we had our first & only child, Kaycee. We have lived on Scott's family farm since late 1999. We both currently have jobs outside the home. But our love is working the homestead which is not quite self-sustaining. The farm consists of livestock (horses, goats, hogs, chickens, cattle, and 2 dogs to keep watch) and hay ground. I also own a massage therapy business that has been on Covid-19 hold since March 2020. Much to the dismay of our daughter, the pandemic has not affected our homeschooling.

Our farm was homesteaded almost 150 years ago. We are frequently reminded of the generations who lived here previously by the handwritten notes or figures scrawled on shop walls, doorways, or feed signs. In the shop, there are left behind scraps & parts that Great Grandpa Jack utilized in building things. Scott still uses those parts to build and fix things himself. Most all barn hardware still used today (such as hinges and latches) were forged by the grandfathers before us. Scott likes to dabble with his grandfathers' forge, anvil, & tools so that he can make repairs to the aging hinges & latches. He finds it rewarding to use the same tools that his family has used for generations.

Although I was raised a small town girl (can't help but sing Journey here), I am very much at home on Scott's stomping grounds. I often find my mind wandering to his grandmothers whom I didn't get a chance to meet. I would've had so many question & answer sessions with them. How did they work the garden? How did you preserve & cook foods in our kitchen? Which of your children caused the chip in our cast iron porcelain sink & did they get a whoopin'? What on earth did you use to attempt that stain off my hardwood floor? Am I doing this farm wife thing right? I am very fortunate that my mother-in-law knew those women and that they loved her enough to teach her those things. Connie was also raised a city girl & she has made certain to share their knowledge with me.

The Triple H originally started when I began my massage therapy business "Homestead Holistic Health". What I didn't realize 7 years ago, was how many different uses we will have for the Triple H brand... health, hogs, homeschool, harvest...?? New details in the coming months.

I look forward to sharing our lessons and exploits here on the farm. Farm living is not always idyllic so I will not give you the illusion that everything is hunky-dory all the time. You will get the good, sometimes the bad, but certainly the entertaining. Welcome!

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