The bad & ugly

Yes, there are bad days on the homestead too. Would I trade this life we have? Sometimes yes. A little less chaos would be a welcome reprieve. Honestly, there are days when it is more work than I want to put into it. Then I remember that if our ancestors had stopped putting in all their hard work, Scott & I would have no homestead to worry about or toil over.

Trudging through rain & mud or snow & ice is miserable. I can't tell you how many times I have hobbled around on one foot to avoid a muddy sock, whilst dislodging a stuck boot. These instances lead to Kaycee's impromptu science lesson on the forces of vacuum on a solid. How many times have we dug through snow drifts to open a gate or clear a fence? How many times have I slipped on ice wondering if this will be that "one bad broken limb" that ends it all? Fact - mud to the knees is worse than snow to the knees. Well wait, muddy poop that sucks you in is pretty awful too. Any of it gives you enough exercise & lost calories to last several days.

The cold isn't near as bad as a humid, summer heat. I have always said you can add layers to stay warm in the cold. But you can only take off so many layers to cool down in the summer before getting stopped by the cops. Oh how I have yearned to drive the tractor naked in the back 40. It would be just my luck that my father-in-law would come to check on me, a drone flies overhead, or my tractor gets stuck. Not to mention the all over sunburn. Believe me, you will be disappointed either way if you came checking to see me working in that field.

Panic might set in when you think you've lost livestock but the critter was just tucked into a forgotten corner of the barn, behind a hay bale, in the woods, or in a hole dug in the pile of composting manure. Yes, every farm has a manure pile. Most have a fresh one and a second pile that has nearly become dirt. Great for gardens! Contact us if you need some compost. Fortunately, (knock on wood) the dogs haven't wallered in the fresh pile. Yuck!

Yes, there is the unexpected, heartbreaking deaths that don't need to be written.

Don't forget the expenses! It really drains the purse strings visiting the elevator to get grain for the critters, seed for the fields, fuel for the tractors, parts for equipment, lease payments, vet bills, etc. Every year we hope that this will be the year we make a profit. Maybe 2021 is our year!?

I must frequently take reflective moments to remind myself why I love this life... family heritage, sights & smells, the nourishment, sunny days, lush greens, the living, the found, the healthy... but most of all, the cute fluffiness! Jehovah's beautiful creatures deserve the best loving care & compassionate hearts we can give them during their wonderful lives here on the homestead. The land & buildings handed down through the generations deserve the best of our laboring hands as well.

It is our greatest joy to continue working the homestead as our family did. It is also our greatest hope that Kaycee finds the love of her life to help her continue to carry it on for her future generations. Even if she doesn't want it now, or loses it for a few years as an adult, maybe her heart will call her back.

'Til next time folks!

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