Walking in a Winter Wonderland

A fresh snowfall is one of my favorite moments. Snow laden trees, untouched blanket of snow on the ground, the crunch under your feet as you take the first step, and the silence. As I look back to when I was a kid, it seemed like winter had snow on the ground all season. Now it seems like we get one good snowfall. Last night finally came our due. This morning's 7 inches of snow to do chores was quite the exercise trudging through. All the farm critters were tucked warmly in their barns. They were all slow to greet us. I know fellas, it was hard for us to get our creaky old bodies moving too.

One of the chores each morning is to walk the pasture ensuring the fence isn't down or anything is laying across it. Today I find portions where you could only see two strands of fence instead of three. So around I go sweeping away the snow to find the third bottom wire. Fortunately, Kaycee is never ready with the camera as I almost lose my balance into the electrified fence more than once.

Each animal shows their own characteristics in this weather. The dogs were made for this and love to frolick in the snow no matter the depth. Fritts, our gelding, prances around just outside his door like he's telling them to come in before they catch cold. A path gets shoveled from the pigs' barn to their feeders. Even still, they act like they want to frolick a bit too until they realize their bellies would be dragging. The barn kitties leap from our shoe prints to the next to avoid any unnecessary contact on their tender little bean toes. The chickens, well, they stay cooped in their coop. It would be fun to watch how the baby goats react to the snow, but they'll just have to stay warm & toasty with their mommas this time around. Now Ferd & Jeff, our bull and steer, they just mosey around like they normally do not having a care in the world.

I think the only modern conveniences on wintery homestead days are having water tank heaters, heat bulbs, and of course a furnace. Thank goodness we don't have to bust up ice in the water buckets or thaw out frozen barn animals like our grandparents would've had to do!

Back to the warm comfy house for another pot of coffee. Good day for baking some chocolate chip cookies. Think we'll get a pot of soup going just like grandmother would have done her family.

'Til next time folks!

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