Waning summer & waxing fall

Today as I brewed my coffee & peered out the kitchen window that Grandma Mae did many years before, there was a stillness in the crisp morning air. The sun had risen an hour before, yet no birds were singing their chorus. The flies were amassed on my window screen. Both of these typically signs of rain. In looking at the forecast, no rain was predicted today. Strange.

After drinking a cup of the sweet nectar of life, I don my flannel shirt as it is just cool enough to need it for morning chores. Usually when we close the back door heading to the barn, the goats hear us & start bleating anxious to be fed. However this morning, there was silence as all creatures were still slumbering & slow to wake.

It had been two mornings since I walked the woods to check the fence. A lot had changed so quickly. The grass & weeds beyond the fence have begun to wilt & die. The songbirds weren't singing. It was so quiet. If I closed my eyes, I imagined it as the time between dusk & dawn.

As the day continued on, it slowly warmed but there was a bite in the air. Kaycee's weekly swimming lessons ended today. I suspect one more week in the pool would have resulted in many goosebumps.

It occurred to me this evening that this was the first day since June that I haven't been dripping in sweat while doing chores. My clothes were actually dry when I came into the house! Yay! Oh, & no mosquitos!

The last few days, morning chores were started in the dark with the moon slightly eluminating my way. I must remember to start taking a flashlight before further waning of the crescent moon. This ol' clumsy gal can't be tripping over kittens on my trek to the barn.

Yes, these are the signs that warm, summer days are coming to a close. As I post this, it is the beginning of Labor Day weekend. The last holiday of summer. Sigh. A deep sigh of relief. I have always said "you can always layer on clothes to keep warm, but to cool down you can only take off so much before it becomes illegal". What were my grandmothers' secrets of making it through the hot summers?! Before too long we will be cutting our last hay of the season. Then... our first bean harvest!

'Til next time folks!

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